Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My Favorite Teapots

Being a tea drinker in the morning I get very attached to the vessel that is going to convey the brew to the cup. These teapots from my collection are particular favorites. Each provides great visual pleasure and constant inspiration. It is worth noting that they also perform flawlessly.

Teapots by Michael Simon, Vernon Owens, Bruce Gholson, and Mark Hewitt.

Michael Simon

                                    Michael Simon.

                                     Michael Simon


                                     Bruce Gholson.

                                      Mark Hewitt. My "go to" teapot.


Michael Kline said...

nice collection. I love the MS teapots, esp the side handle! Thanks for sharing them, Brad!

Brad Tucker said...

Thank you for the comment. The side handle piece is really beautiful...I think it was fired in the wood kiln at Penland many years ago.

tina said...

I like that glaze effect on the Gholson, wish I could get some like that!

Ron Deaver said...

Thanks for your efforts and your blog. Keep it coming.