Sunday, June 29, 2008

My Studio

I moved into this studio in 1986. It is a beautiful, tranquil space and I feel very fortunate to have it. I was able to design much of it myself and it has proved to be a wonderful space to work in. I have a nice view of the pond and enjoy watching the ducks, birds, frogs, and other wildlife that frequent there. The kiln was also built in 1986 and it is basically a Minnesota Flat-top car kiln with an arch. It has been fired countless times and is now yielding its very best pots, which means it is sorely in need of repair.


Jen Mecca said...

Keep going! Lets see some Frog photo's! And you devine wisdom on being a Master Pottery for so many years.(Hee hee!)j

Jen Mecca said...

oh good grief, delete many typo's because My CHILDREN are bugging me to go to TARGET! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH....motherhood.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful studio!

There's no justice with kilns is there.. seems you just get them working they way you want and then they need to be torn down.

We recently took our flattop and added an arch to it and what a difference. Wish I'd done it years ago.

All the best

Ron said...

Hope I can make it out there sometime Brad. Looking forward to seeing you in the fall.

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